My name is yperdwhy, or Antonio. I'm 14, I use an ipad at home, I play a lot and I use a cruiser( no, I don't do tricks on an actual board ).

I did wanted to play tennis, but my mom doesn't have time. I'm not good at: Soccer, Basketball or Football.

I'm in 9th grade, the only grade I didnt go to is Pre-K.

The schools that i have attended(that i can remember)are:

  1. Ezperanza Elementary school
  2. Hoover Elementary School
  3. Edward R. Roybal learning center

I also had pets, I had many, but each time one died, I cried, Internally. I had bunny, who I named Tooty( in another language, it means small strawberries, never knew.

the other pets I had were:

  1. Bunnies
  2. Hamsters
  3. a mice
  4. some fishes

Sadly, i never owned a dog, liek if u cri evrytime